A game changer in concussion assessment.

Nurochek is an FDA-cleared medical device that provides an objective concussion assessment in just 2 minutes.

The Nurochek System is intended for prescription use in healthcare facilities for subjects aged between 16 and 46 years old, for the aid in diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in conjunction with a standard neurological assessment (FDA-cleared on 27 December 2023).

null Fast

null Objective

null Affordable

null Baseline-free

null Easy to use

The Nurochek headset is designed to capture the electrical responses of the brain to visual stimuli. Our sophisticated AI model meticulously classifies these responses on a secure cloud server before transmitting the results to a PC.

Revolutionising concussion assessment with cutting-edge classification technology.

Compact concussion assessment that is easy to use, fast, and doesn’t require a baseline.

Our FDA-cleared Machine Learning (AI) classification is completely objective.

A fast test that can be performed by any healthcare professional with minimal training.

Insurers pay the doctor for approved tests (~2.3 assessments per concussion episode).

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