Every 21 seconds in the United States, someone sustains a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)*

Nurochek is a compact, FDA-cleared medical device that aims to standardise evaluations across healthcare facilities for the aid in diagnosis of concussion (mild traumatic brain injury or mTBI).

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a frequently encountered form of mild traumatic brain injury that happens when the brain undergoes a sudden shaking or jolt inside the skull. This can result from a direct impact to the head or body during sports, falls, or car accidents.

In the past, concussions were often viewed as minor injuries that would quickly heal on their own. However, recent research indicates that concussions can be quite serious, with symptoms and recovery time varying widely in intensity.

There’s growing concern about potential long-term issues stemming from repeated subconcussive impacts, which may not show immediate symptoms, as well as ongoing microscopic brain damage. As a result, many sports organisations are revising their guidelines to reflect these new insights.

“There is no such thing as a good concussion – we need to manage each concussion seriously.”

— Dr Adrian Cohen, Founder & CEO

Concussion is serious

Many undiagnosed concussions

Risk long-term damage and high treatment costs.

Concussion symptoms are often subjective

Diagnosis relies on self-reporting by individuals which can lead to under-reporting and missing diagnosis

Current assessments are lengthy

Doctors have no suitable tools, relying on clinical experience primarily and/or baseline comparisons

Not well monetised for doctors

Time-intensive diagnosis restricts patient numbers and available reimbursement

Nurochek addresses the current limitations and time constraints that result in underuse of tests by most clinicians:

Compact device

Compact concussion assessment device that is easy to use, and does not need a baseline

Nurochek is objective

Our FDA-cleared Machine Learning (AI) classification delivers objective assessment

2 minute rapid test

Can be performed by any healthcare professional with minimal training

Insurers pay for tests

Insurers pay the doctor for approved tests (applicable post-injury only)

Saving brains creates lasting value.

Discover how we’re leading the charge in concussion assessment.

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