NuroChek General FAQs

NuroChek is an Australian innovation and a world-first brain assessment device

What is the research behind Nurochek?

Research in the US, Australia and New Zealand is ongoing to assess the utility of Nurochek as a point-of-care diagnostic aid for doctors in sports, EMS and hospital applications.

Are there any people who are not suitable for Nurochek?

Your check is not suitable at the present time for anyone with a history of seizure disorder, epilepsy or previous structural brain injury.

Who decides when i can return to playing sport, or to go back to school or work?

Your doctor always makes these decisions about your health: Nurochek is designed as an aide to help the diagnosis.

Do I need to have a baseline reading at the beginning of the season?

Because of the ai process, a previous reading (or Baseline) is not required. Assessments can be made after an injury (in sports, a fall, motor vehicle accident etc) even if never assessed previously with Nurochek.

What is Nurochek?

Nurochek is a new FDA cleared medical device for assessing brain function and as an aid to the diagnosis of concussion.

What is the Nurochek Headset?

The device is a headset which goes over the eyes and the back of the head like a set of VR goggles or a ski/diving mask. An adjustable strap makes it comfortable for the two-minute test.

Does Nurochek hurt?

Not in the slightest!

How is Nurochek data analysed?

Results are analysed through a sophisticated machine learning (ML) Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm and are graphically displayed on a PC App from a secure, online server.

What regulatory approvals does Nurochek have?

Nurochek has two FDA clearances (USA) where it is recognised as an aid to the diagnosis of concussion in the hands of a licensed healthcare professional did neurological assessment. At present, the device is approved for ethically overseen research in Australia and regulatory approval from the TGA is anticipated for later this year. Approvals in New Zealand and South Africa are also pending.

How does Nurochek work

Nurochek stimulates the eyes with a 30 second flashing light sequence and the specialised senses on the back of the headset pick up the brains resulting electrical activity (an EEG or electroencephalograph). This process is called Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP) and the resulting data is analysed by sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) program cleared by the FDA as an aid to diagnosis by a treating doctor.

What is the science behind Nurochek?

Lots of work has been published on VEPs and on other Event Related Potentials (ERPs) which are electrical information from neural systems such as motor system (evoked through TMS Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), the Visual-Ocular pathways, Acoustic pathways etc. These ERPs are all affected in concussion, because of the fact that individual nerves going to these different “systems” are all the same. Nurochek measures this electrical activity and determines if it is normal or abnormal.

Who can test me using Nurochek?

Nurochek is a prescription product for use by licensed healthcare professionals, and in research by qualified and appropriately trained personnel.

How long does a Nurochek test take?

The entire test takes around 2 minutes.

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